Monday, March 31, 2008

It took me tremendous amount of effort to pull myself out of bed this morning. I was so sleepy zzz. Hahaha but i finally dragged myself up, meeting dawn at anderson to collect our olevel certificate and testimonial. Lyana and Huda joined us! Hooray! They ponned lessons to join us actually. (:

Managed to collect our olevel certificate but the testimonials were supposedly not ready. Dawn and I needed it to apply for some programme though, so we left a note for mdm zaleha, hoping that she could help us to get to get it done soon.

We literally went abit crazy and certainly very hyper. At last, we left with four boxes of sushi, two huge bags of chips, two cartons of fruit juice, a can of soup and one whole honey glazed chicken. (omg we are such pigs haha)

Afterwards we went to huda's house, flopped on the sofa/carpet and started pigging out while watching movies. We watched abit of hide and seek until we realised that it was no more fun cos everyone knew the twist and the ending already. Yah so we switched to this thriller 1408, it was kinda weird.

Later, to lighten up the mood, we watched enchanted. I like i like haha. (: Finally we watched high school musical, again. All this while, huda's brothers were doing stupid stuff and being hilarious. They are super cute though!

Eh we should have more days like this. (:

signing off, viting
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