Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Customer: waiter! what's the meaning of this fly in my mushroom soup?
Waiter: sorry sir, im clueless. im a waiter, not a fortune teller.


Orientation for the past three days was alright. We already know our class, mine's DTRM07 and everyone there seems nice. (: I hope we can have a wonderful three years together.

My eyebags are really bad for the past few days, especially when i wake up in the morning. It gets better only after cold teabags and throwing tons of ice over my eyes. Now my mum's complaining that im wasting good quality teabags. Hahaha then just now she bought me a huge box of teabags, those a dollar a box kind.

Anyway tomorrow the whole of SP will be collecting donations for President's Challenge, it's our flag day. Please support if you chance upon any of us okay! It's all for a good cause anyway. (:

Oh and i cut my hair, it's much shorter now. Yup hope it looks nice.

You slowly walked away,
I watched,
I refuse to call you to turn back.
it's wrong to be selfish,
you deserve better.

signing off, viting
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I am viting. viting is me.

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