Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I am very happy now, for a couple of reasons.

1)it's a secret! =P
2)dawn, lyana and I met up just now and we ate at Gelare waffles with ice cream! (: haha yesyes it's definately worth getting happy over because the strawberry cheesecake plus the cookies and cream ice cream were simply lovely. oh and guess what guess what?!? i got it at 3 bucks less because the gelare guy serving us was new and blur, he keyed in the wrong amount. when i told him about it later though, he said it was okay. (: haha so lyana concluded that he is a blur but nice guy.
3)i bought a new album called golden drama. it's a compilation of theme songs from various mediacorp chinese dramas. listening to it now and all the songs are great.
4)my mum is cooking many many of my favourite dishes for dinner tonight! =D i think shes in a good mood haha.

Anyway thomas just sent me something very cool, i was so amazed. Haha and it really works, try it people. I love this kind of thing because i think it's amusing and i can never understand the logic behind things like this. It's just a way our mind play tricks on us.

Have fun! Im going off for dinner! (:

signing off, viting
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