Saturday, April 19, 2008

Speech day yesterday was awesome! Yup simply because it was an anderson affair. Haha i like the sound of it, anderson affair. (: I wish my life would be filled with loads and loads of anderson affairs.

I rushed down to amk macdonalds after lecture and met up with the 2-4 people plus some our random people. Hahaha and we made our way to school, super happy to see the school and everyone again. =D Everything felt so familiar and it was like a home, a family. I MISS ANDERSON SO MUCH IT HURTS! (i know i said this a thousand times but still!!) I love anderson right down to their last bamboo in front of the general office. xD

At the end when we did the anderson cheer and my heart literally swelled with pride.
Im sure im not the only one who felt that way as well. All of us cheered super loudly. =D I am really so proud to be an sndersonian. The school provided me with so many lovely experiences and made me who i am today. Seriously.

Afterwards we went down to the canteen and talked to random people. Mrs Poh also came and asked us about our schools and how everything's getting along. She has always been, and still is, a great principal. Anyway so dawn and i told her about sp and how we feel so weird there. Yah, everyone's nice but i dun feel like i belong. It's a long story actually. Oh well, but im sure it will get better, three years and i'll be out anyway. (: Until then, i shall continue to learn how to like the school and try to do well in all my modules.

Anderson was such a wonderful place and it sucks to move on, but that's life for you.

Anyway after everything, we went to macdonalds(again) to hang out before heading home. We were partially emo-ing about how much we wish time would turn back to when we were still in anderson and stop there. Please! =( Haha i sound insane. I think im missing anderson till the point of insanity anyway.

Life's such a drag now. It doesn't help that there's no more speech day to look forward to. Ahhh! How how how?!? Okay i should stop myself from feeling so lost without anderson.

Dun be like this viting! *slaps self* You shall learn to accept this new chapter of your life and be happy about it. (: SMILE.

signing off, viting
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