Monday, May 5, 2008

Friday was so amusing.
1) I did my tutorial for the first time, Principles of Tourism. I solemnly swear that this would not be the last time either. LOL! (: Trust me on this one?
2) Dawn, Luke and slept on the stairs leading to Raffles City while waiting for huda and lyana.
3) We had dinner at Marina Square foodcourt. Haha finally starting on our money saving plan! Lyana spent half the time trying to get me to eat my baby oorn and snowpeas. eww im convinced nobody in the right mind would eat those.
4) Afterwards went to PCC to sleep and occasionally discuss some random stuff. Like whether we should tell each other if one of us ever gets a terminal illness.
5) Took the train to marina bay and back, sleeping all the way.
Haha we seriously should stop sleeping everywhere. (:

I went to catch VJC's dance concert. It was totally awesome please! Haha i enjoyed it la. (: Next time must invite more people to go see it, super worth it.

Oh yah and yesterday i went for SP's netball training. I wanted to just check out how it is like before deciding. There were so many people there, shocking la. Haha and it just made me miss trainings in anderson. How there is always so much laughter and lameness, making all trainings really fun. SP's different, or maybe i just dun know the people well yet. (: Anyway we did the usual, warm ups followed by ball drills and then games. The game was actually quite fun. =D Training ended late though, and i sadly missed most of Healing Hands III. Boohoo

Okay leaving you guys with yet another nice song. (:

signing off, viting
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