Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am seriously turning into a glutton. (: No dun get me wrong, im not complaining, i love food. Yup and i especially loveee indulging with my friends. Yesterday i finally met up with them, even gayathri was there! YAYYY! We ate lovely food at Delifrance. The swordfish, potatoes and bread pudding(i stole a couple of bites from gayathri =P) made me happy. Afterwards we went to the starbucks at novena to have drinks and hang out. They started blowing straws and refused to stop until one flew to the feet of this girl at the table next to us. (x So typical, we always manage to do random childish things together. Haha but i love my friends for it, they never fail to make my day. =DD

Anyway allow me to digress and post stupid things Jenny just told me.
" Men are like bank accounts.
Without a lot of money they don't generate a lot of interest. "

" I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants. "

" Isn't your pants' zipper supposed to be in the front? " (this one's really lame)

Hahaha every time she tells me one, we would both laugh like crazy. Then i told her my hairs are laughing(adapted from toes are laughing) and we laughed even harder when she FINALLY got it. Then i told her laughing at the jokes makes me seem shallow and she happily told me that i have always been shallow. Thanks eh, much appreciated. xD LOL

Anyway back to what happened today.
Lyana and I met up for Macdonalds breakfast. Thanks for the treat! Haha then later we shopped at orchard for awhile before we gave up. Realised that window shopping is bad for the heart, shopping without money is so painful. Haha so we ended up eating a pretzel and walking to PS for Japanese food! Whee i love Japanese food. The sashimi+tempura+mackerel was so yummy. I think lyana is currently hooked on the mackerel. Nevermind, let's go there again soon! (: After the japanese food we went for chocolate cake and iced mocha back at causeway point. Our plans for movie and chai tea fell through due to stupid reasons haha.

Still, it was a nice day. I did not use my brain at all, lazed around all day. Screw tutorials, i shall complete them tomorrow. My modules proved to be a disappointment so far.
1) I swear im so freaking dead for ITB.
2) CD was so disappointing, i still think the problem lies with the examiner, they misunderstood us. Oh well.
3) Im the only loser in class that does not seem to get PACC at all.
4) Although the sports tourism presentation was alright, i think i screwed up my part. Looks like being impromptu doesn't always work for me. YY and Shufen did well though. (:
5) Lately im starting to not get econs as well. ahhh may some angel descend from wherever and save me!

Okay im going to work hard for the week 11 tests. Jiayou viting!

P.S. Can hardly wait for holidays to arrive! One more weeeeeek! (:

signing off, viting
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