Friday, May 30, 2008

Somehow i always end up landing myself in some embarrassing situation like just now. I was walking down the stairs at the train station, happy with the world and all. I just decided to get myself coffee bean carrot cake that i love. So everything's great right? Wrong! At the last few steps, my slipper suddenly flew off and landed all the way at the bottom of the stairs. Haha so i tried to laugh it off and went down to pick it up only to slip and land on my butt. (!!!) As if all that were not already bad enough, my stupid bag decided to fly off and hit some guy's feet. Ahhhh why am i such a embarrassment?!? seriously! It was one of those please-dig-a-huge-hole-so-i-can-hide-my-face-in-it-forever situation. xD

Also, even at home i have to embarrass myself. For instance, just now i was bragging to my whole family how im better at using the microwave than my sister.
mum: how long do i have to put the pao in there? *points to microwave*
sister: let it turn for 3 rounds then should be just nice.
me: wahaha are you sure you want to trust sis? all the things she puts inside comes out burnt, unlike me. that's why jeffrey always ask me to help him microwave, i use my accurate gut feeling to decide how long to out the food in there. haha and like never wrong de! (:
sister: yah yah whatever.
mum: haha yah viting's better at such stuff. *hands me pao*
me: i think should be ready after 4 to 5 rounds.
-at the 3rd round-
sister: i think you should seriously take it out now.
me: *rolls eyes* if i take out now the inside would still be cold la.
-at the 5th round-
me: okay!
mum: *take pao out* erm, why is it rock hard?
sister: *smirks* why not ask the expert viting?
Rawr! I should stop embarrassing myself la! Totally destroys my genius image please! Sadness. Stupid microwave, why can't it be more cooperative?

The above two incidents should be enough to prove that im down on my luck these days. Yup but sadly it doesn't end there. Thursday was ITB test at 8am and i was determined not to oversleep. I even set three alarm clocks and all. Then guess what?!? Bingo! The next morning, i woke up at 7.35am, having slept through all my three alarms. No idea how i could have been such a pig. LOL. So i dressed in record time and rushed out of the house. At that time, i had three choices.
1)take a cab and hopefully reach there on time.
2)rush and take the train
3)pretend that im sick, get a MC and sit for the retest.
Of course i had to make the worst choice out of the three, which is to take a cab. Waited close to 10 minutes for a cab. Finally, i got into one and instead of reaching there on time like i initially hoped, it took longer than the train would have taken. Stupid traffic jam! It was so bad la! Especially along Clementi, we only moved like an inch every minute. $#^%#$*^$!# Poor driver, he had to endure all my complaints along the way. I was like "freaking shit!" "turtle tortoise la!" "what the freaking hell!" hahaha i was never really good at being vulgar. Then i told him the driver that if i were a pregnant lady in labour, by the time i reach SP it'll be time to celebrate my child's birthday. Hahaha sounds so lame to me now. =DD no wonder the driver was laughing lol.

Anyway im basically screwed for ITB. It's almost guarantee plus chop will fail with flying colours. Im thinking in terms of single digit below 5 and im not kidding. Im scared that because of this i have to forward module. Ahhh im dead la, my life is ruined. I hate excel, hate it so bad. =(

Oh well, bad stuff aside, tomorrow is a 4-4 gathering at sentosa. Yayy im super excited. Hope it doesn't rain so we can all have fun and throw prasannth and jiahao into the sea. Prasannth because it's his birthday and jiahao because...hmm because throwing him in would make my life fulfilled. Man, my life is pathetic. Wahahaha! =D

Holidays starts tomorrow! Im psyched! Finally get to rest and play. Still, the holidays should be rather busy because of cruise, projects, work and studying for tests. I do not need a repeat of the ITB incident thank you very much. (x

Okay, i shall end here. People, do download the song ai yu xi wang by JJ to listen. It's quite sad but really addictive.:D The song's written specially for the victims of the earthquake.

signing off, viting
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