Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates! (:

I realised that recently, i have developed this bad habit of being late. Hahaha most of the time it's because of stupid reasons.
1) not bringing wallet and having to go back an take it.
2) leaving my laptop at home while taking wallet and having to turn back again.
3) wasting close to 30 minutes quarreling with brother and another 30 minutes running around cos he tried to murder me! omg that violent boy, he left my toenail broken!
4) falling back asleep everyday because i just could not pull myself up for school.

Hahaha these are just some of them, it's complicated. LOL =DDD

Oh and we finally had our EC oral thing and the CD presentation. Both were equally lame and i can only hope for the best now. *crosses fingers* hahaha and while im at it, i shall cross my eyes too. Haha i used to love doing that because my mum says it's dangerous and your eyes may get permanently stuck. Oh noo then i will have crossed eyes forever!! Haha but the prospect excites me so i do that all the same. xD Anyway, i think i should stop cos my sister is giving me this are-you-insane look now. ROFLMGOATD!(roll on floor laughing my guts out and teeth dropping) =DDD

Okay viting stop this rubbish!(x (but the teeth dropping part is just too funny!)


Anyway i know this is random but im missing the chocolate"chicken" people! Nevermind we shall meet up next week!

Alright then, i shall post some pictures that made my day! Hope they make yours too! (: All super cute, cannot help but laugh! I got some of them from an email...

sooo cute ohmygod! -melts
dun cook me!

roar! the world is so unfair!

Finally i shall end with a uber cute song! Hahaha actually also abit stupid la.

signing off, viting
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