Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trust me, im been meaning to update but usually too lazy. (:

Anyway nowadays im starting to check out on my horoscope everyday, actually pretty interesting and relatively true. Well on some days at least. Hahaha most of the time i read mine from facebook. Yup and i also have this new found love for sour plums, been eating tons of those. It's really addictive, especially when you throw in a bunch of them into your mouth at once. You will literally make the >.< face and it's really sour but thrilling too. Okay fine im weird, but my sister does that too! =D

Im starting to slowly adapt to poly life, which is pretty alright. Now im fretting about which cca i should join. Haha our school had the cca showcase thing and i saw a few that sounds fun. I dun think i should netball again, the training days and timing sucks. Then again, i love playing and miss the feeling of training hard as a team. Sigh, but no matter how much i weigh the factors and whatever crap, i still cannot decide. That's only for netball, not to mention the thousand other ccas that im still considering too. Oh well. (x

Shopping today was torturous because we were broke. You guessed it, my financial status is still as pathetic as last week. My only hope is still striking lottery/winning the 10000 bucks macdonalds delivery. =DD Strangely though, i dun buy lottery nor use macdonalds delivery. Yah so im basically crapping LOL.

It's 12am soon...


signing off, viting
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