Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cycled to woodlands library with Hannah intending to study. The distance was actually not long, took us only a while to get there. Although the heat was unbearable and both of us forgot to bring water bottles. Anyway we attempted to study but failed terribly, as usual, and simply talked. Then suddenly, someone mentioned haircuts and one of us suggested cutting out hair. So we were like, okay why not just do it and the next moment, we were at the hairdresser. LOL i cropped my hair and it looks really short now, and so weird that i dun recognize myself. Hannah chopped her hair too but slightly longer than mine, hers look nice. (: Haha then we went in front of the mirror and obsessed about our hair, groaning about how our lives are officially over and as lyana would say, being total drama queens. Oh well, thinking about it afterwards, we realised that it's actually not that bad. A rather refreshing change, although i still think mine looks weird. Oh which means we have the same hairstyle now, which is really gay hahaha. =DD

Okay shall go complete the last bit of my PowerPoint now. I have to figure out how to do the master slide thing as well, totally clueless. Weekends are over yet again and there's econs test next week which i have not started studying. (surprise surprise! xD) Ohmygod my life is sooo over, goodbye world. (:(:(:

signing off, viting
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