Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dad decided to surprise us with half a dozen durians today. All of us were really full after like one or two. Problem was, daddy was really enthusiastic and none of us felt like bursting his bubble. Did not bear to disappoint him by leaving so many uneaten. So despite ourselves, we managed to finish everything and i feel kinda sick now. anyway i shall stop procrastinating and start on the conclusion for the cruise project now. Oh and just now i tried creating ancient looking paper by burning their edges but not only did i fail terribly, i nearly burnt a hole in my sister's bag. seriously, im hopeless at this hahaha. (: and hannah, ignore that stupid teacher okay! bet she's just jealous that you are more genius than her. Then she must hate me even more, because i happen to be even more genius than you. LOL kidding, but anyway cheer up!(:(:

signing off, viting
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