Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I admit I probably over-reacted, more than just a teeny bit. I should not have made such a big fuss and the tantrum was also completely unnecessary. If words can be like paintings,i would leave them out on the field and wish for rain. stare as the rain washes everything away. Unfortunately, you dun always get second chances and some damage cannot be undone. The clock only turns clockwise, after all. Oh my dear viting, promise me that you'll think before you speak. actually not just speak, think through before you do anything next time.

Gosh, where did all that anger come from? Maybe i really am a drama queen. forget it, i shall go get started on my powerpoint, something that should be high on my list of priorities right now. (:

and i think im becoming slightly deaf. my sister is right, i should stop blasting music, if not i can expect to really become deaf soon. Either that or it's my mum's nagging getting to me, my ears are ringing and i dun think i can hear anything in my left ear. ouch my head hurts.

signing off, viting
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