Thursday, August 14, 2008

I have recently taken a liking to chives(!!!) and chicken dumplings and i polished off one whole tray while studying a grand total of one page of tourism lecture notes. Then quarreled with Jeffrey because he simple refused to let me eat more. Not even one, which is like really mean because i clearly remember mum telling me that i can have as many as i like. Oh well.

My dad claimed that im neglecting the family. Fact is, i am not interested in discussing my dad's friend's affairs/gorging on rambutans/listening to my brother while he brags about his math test, which he passed, for the first time since humans discovered fire. haha. okay fine after this i shall go watch Olympics with them. That would definately be interesting. I actually find Olympics really addictive to watch. especially gymnastics and swimming. (:

and i am super screwed. so much for all that "i've learnt my lesson" and "once bitten, twice shy" empty talk. I am still, sad to say, a procrastinator. This is already the sixth day of study break and what have i studied? practically nothing. Okay unless you count the three sets of tourism lectures notes. well, at least that's a start and besides, there is still time. (:(: Eh i am being awfully optimistic. or you could say, in total self denial. There's still time? Who am i kidding? hahaha instead of spending this study break studying, i spent most of the time slacking or watching tv or reading or going out. -hangs head in remorse- LOL

nevermind, i shall go start now. this very moment, before i change my mind. =DD ahh then what about Olympics?!? fine i shall go pluck flower petals and leave it to fate.(kidding)


signing off, viting
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