Friday, July 18, 2008

I met my primary school friend at the library just now and of all places, we met at the chinese section. I mean, she does not even speak chinese and she used to copy my spelling all the time. but it's alright, everyone copied at that time. Also, I haven't touched a chinese book in maybe a hundred million years and was only there to help my sister to look for her book.(something weird about elephants having excellent memory, you wouldn't want to know) Anyway we ended up having dinner together, talking about the past and being all sentimental haha. Some people never change, forever weird and nonsensical. (: i love how after so many years, we could still do away with all the small talk and have such a lovely conversation. (:

Anyway this week went pretty alright i suppose, if you pretend the accounts test was all but a bad dream. =P I am also not particularly confident about EC but today's statistics was okay. All the tests and projects aside, life's rather good. :D Went out a couple of times with my classmates. Shopping was nice too, but i was broke and i want money!Duh! Oh and I fell in love with rainbows this week. okay actually i always loved rainbows but i started obsessing with rainbows a few days ago. Now, i have tons of rainbow related pictures in my computer and drew rainbows all over my notebook. My mum talked me out of drawing rainbows all over my brother's foolscap paper. Tomorrow, i shall paint rainbows and paste the masterpieces all over my room. yay-ness. (:

Recently i also fell in love with Roald Dahl all over again. Found three books in the drawer while searching for the dictionary, Matilda,Danny the champion of the world and the witches. all very classic, i loved them when i was young.

wo bu xiang wang ji ni - Claire

okay shall leave you guys with a random nice song. (:

tell me, do you believe you fate?

signing off, viting
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