Monday, July 28, 2008

I want to murder someone right now, nevermind that i probably have to spend the next ten years in jail. When finally released, i'll already be old and looked down upon by the society. Most likely i'll have grown to love cockroaches and rats too, after ten years of having nothing except them to accompany me. Okay but none of this is the point. The point is i seriously dun know what's wrong with my stupid microsoft powerpoint. Having spent the past few hours trying to create a chart and failing, i have concluded that i have the saddest life in the world. ): Seriously this is so frustrating. An hour ago, i managed to create one chart that looked halfway decent and rejoiced like i created the most brilliant thing since telephones. Only problem is, none of the information i keyed in appeared on the chart. This is just great, my life is simply perfect. Okay im not making sense at all lol. Gosh look at what microsoft powerpoint has done to me!

Forget it, i shall go sleep now. Worry about everything else tomorrow.(:(: goodnight.

signing off, viting
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