Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I went all the way to school thinking that the economics paper is today. No idea why, I must be out of my mind. Hmm that rhymes, doesn't it? Well, actually i dun really care, it has no significant impact on my life. well, obviously. Still, i hope so. I like things to rhyme, like "fall ball wall tall hall etc etc" and i just realise how pointless this whole conversation is. Yeah conversation, me talking to well, myself. (: Anyway!(before i get more carried away hahaha) In the afternoon, i even went online to check my seat number and confirm the date. Somehow i saw the date as today's date. Scary, some form of optical illusion?!? or maybe i was simply programmed to think the exam is today?!? I believed it so much that the date 'transformed' into today's date when i look at it?!? nevermind, at least i shall have one more day to study. That is, if i ever get down to it, which i highly doubt i will. ):

signing off, viting
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