Friday, August 8, 2008

Random happenings this week:
1)Frontpage and community involvement projects are finally history. now all i can do is wish really hard for good marks. (:
2)Played badminton for around three hours without stopping because it got really addictive.
3)Nearly died laughing at Benedict(my brother's friend) after I accidentally on purpose(oops!) overheard their silly conversation. Benedict exclaimed that he loves rock-climbing and playing badminton. "But of course not at the same time!" Then with a loud guffaw, he clutched his sides."That would be dangerous wouldn't it?" Eh Benedict...nice attempt i would say, but better try next time. LOL
4)Decided to control the bottles of milk tea I drink every week. Both to reduce the risk of diabetes and having to resort to borrowing from loan sharks to sustain this addiction. seriously, they are $2.45 a bottle and no, they are not gold-plated/decorated with diamonds.
5)Cooked the nicest noodles ever, according to my family. well, with an exception of my brother. (why am I not surprised)
6)Still loving fated to love you.(: The show's getting increasingly interesting and touching.
7)It's already study break next week. Why does time pass so fast? strange.
8)Made the most awesome discovery since bubble tea: NOON will be the same upside down and backwards. =DD
9)Realised that vitagen collagen is nicer then the normal old vitagen, especially the elderflower one.
10)Found an ant in my apple. how's that even possible? hmm

I really hope my eye bags will be cooperative and make themselves disappear. Haha okay okay i think i shall sleep early then. because it would be unfair to not put in any effort and expect them to simply go away by themselves, that wouldn't be fair would it? (:

signing off, viting
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