Thursday, July 10, 2008

We started on frontpage for ITB, which is somewhat similar to blogskins. I honestly have to do well for this, my life depends on this. literally. If not i will have to spend my next semester pathetically forwarding my module in the midst of struggling with other school stuff. sure doesn't sound very promising. okay nevermind, all is not lost, there's still this glimmer of hope that i can scrape through this...not. Ohmygod im screwed! so much for not dwelling on the failure lol. yes i shall shut up now. =D

Rawr im really dying from the heat now but the mere thought of walking all the way to the switch to on the fan makes me so tired. I know this sounds lame but the switch is just so far! (fine, actually just five steps but still!) All Jeffrey's fault, he broke the freaking remote.

Our class went to do our CIP at queenstown today. We got a chance to interact with the elderly and brought some laughter to that place. I think they enjoyed our company. That makes me happy! (: When we first got there, we mingled around and did exercises with them. Afterwards there were games and a singing session and finally, the movie screening. Ooh and there was this super adorable kid, a granddaughter of an elderly. Her name is Lele, like happiness! :D see, even the name is cute.

Im currently searching for the theme song of yi qie wan mei and la femme. Haha send me if you have them okay! (: millions of thanks with chocolate and whipped cream on the top! I'll add some caramel, if you like.

goodnight! (:

signing off, viting
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