Saturday, August 2, 2008

wo de kuai le - jin xiu er chong chang

I am totally hooked on fated to love you. No surprise there, this always happens to me when i start watching a drama. Im mentally prepared to spend the next few weeks in front of the computer like some addict, watching series after series. Hahaha i can imagine how i would look like the next few days. Red and puffy eyes completed with dark eye rings, courtesy of the drama. (: but at least this time the male lead is not mingdao, if not the situation would be worse. very much worse lol. (:

I love the replaying in my mind the part where xinyi and her dad are under the tree and all that he told her then. and the part where cunxi and xinyi danced together. It was all really sweet and he was so cute then. LOL okay i shall not start gushing.

wheee it's purple, your favourite colour(i think). This shade is rather weird though, but in a nice way(i think). =DDD

Haha the picture is slightly blurred, it makes me eyes look really far apart.

I think episode 6 should be fully loaded by now. Goodbye world. (:

signing off, viting
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