Thursday, July 24, 2008

潘瑋柏Zhuan Ji 機.mp3 - Will Pan

This song makes me sad for no particular reason at all but it is also really addictive and the lyrics keep running through my head during the whole of today and throughout the econs test which was not as hard as expected but as usual i made some stupid mistakes and despite studying the whole of last night and today i still do not know some things about the market structure part and this makes me want to stick my tongue out at the test paper. wow such a long sentence. (:

Thinking about so many random things now. I think i shall stop though, because all this is making me confused and now my head hurts. Rawr but i cannot seem to stop. My head hurts even more while trying to stop and my solution is to sleep. That, and chocolate, always always helps when nothing else does.

strange, i was so happy just hours ago. no wonder people always say not to think too much. (:(:(: okay i shall see how things goes, no point getting all affected for nothing.

signing off, viting
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