Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally done with economics, which also marks the end of the examinations and the start of our term break. (:(:(: yay-ness! I managed to complete one whole semester. This year is passing by amazingly fast. For now, I shall not think about how bad the paper is and how pathetic my answer for that monetary policy question is. It is not like we will get back the paper anytime soon anyway. (:

celebrated with my classmates just now. I played pool for the first time and it was rather fun. Although it made me feel physically inadequate, like my previous bowling experiences. Okay that sounds really sad but actually it was not that bad, at least I had good teachers. :D

and i am currently re-reading the harry potter books. will some kind soul pretty please lend me the Goblet of Fire? (: I will be grateful for five minutes!(eternally will just sound strange lol) Fine, I know five minutes sound even worse haha. well, whatever. Off to bed!

signing off, viting
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