Monday, September 1, 2008

it's 2.11am in exactly 23 seconds and i decided to take a break from attempting to fall asleep. my brother invited himself to my room, fell asleep on my bed and now he wouldn't budge despite me pinching him for the last five minutes. Debated on whether to carry him to his room but decided against it, lest i break my back or drop him accidentally and break his back. I don't know which is worse. Wonder why he breathes so loudly, like seriously. he makes me feel like i cannot breathe because he's taking up all the oxygen. now, if we breathe in nitrogen instead i wouldn't be as worried. air is made up of 78 percent nitrogen which means no room left for much oxygen. anyway the point is, the noise is driving me nuts! Help!

so now i am trying to imagine how it would be like to get married on the moon. If i managed to get a music band up there, can they be heard? also, will red roses be able to survive there? If i had a chance i would love to try, but i probably never will so i should quit dreaming.

I know couples get married in churches all the time and i think that's really romantic. so what about a temple? I wonder if people actually get married there or would it be simply too bizarre. but i probably would never want to try this so forget it.

In the end my conclusion is nothing. No conclusion. yay genius!(:

it's 2.42am and as i type the time on my computer switched to 2.43am. I cannot believe life's so short and yet i spent close to half an hour thinking about such stupid stuffs. my brother somehow miraculously stopped breathing like some car engine(?!?).I know i should go sleep now but i am still not tired. strange, i am always tired. :D maybe it's the tonic soup my mum forced me to drink. Soup=the new coffee? Well, actually i highly doubt because coffee tastes soo much better. My caramel frappe! =D

I have a random question: where do owners bring their beloved pet goldfish if it falls sick? They fall sick too, right? so are they supposed to bring their pet to the vet? I wonder whether they even bother to teach a goldfish module in the veterinary degrees. Then again, goldfishes are known to have a memory span of three seconds. so they most likely wouldn't be able to remember from one minute to the next that it is even sick. Therefore its brain(it has one, right? so where it it? at the head?) should not be able constantly to relay reinforcing "ouch, i am sick and it hurts" messages to its body. Yup so it probably doesn't matter. It's not like the goldfish's family members would be able to remember that it died long enough to feel sad, right?

also, i have been wondering how i would look like in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and 50 years time. eh but i guess i wouldn't really want to know.

Anyway I wonder how much more nonsense i have to come up with before i actually feel tired. It's 3.15am and my brother started his car engine breathing thing again. rawr. maybe i should just go back to laying on my bed(a quarter of my bed cos my brother took three quarters)and daydreaming. Or in this case, if i wanted to be lame, nightdreaming.

Goodnight! :DD

signing off, viting
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