Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The ambulance comes in all colours, shapes and sizes now. I am convinced that the world is a weird place because a mini pink ambulance that resembles a turtle should not exist. I saw not one, but two of such unknown vehicles today and wonder why they cannot be yellow instead. Then at least they would look pretty and weird, not just plain weird. :D

I know i haven't been blogging much, and people have been saying that they no longer know what is happening in my life. but i dun see how come, if you are interested, you could have gave me a call or something. If my blog is the only way that keeps you informed of what is happening in my life, then that would be kinda pathetic isn't it. anyway i am super tired and i dun think i am able to form any decent sentence. i need to sleep! haha okay but i promise to update about the F1 and what else i have been up to soon! (:

and i have two enormous zits. i tried all ways to make them disappear but nothing seems to be working. i am currently depressed lol.

This is a pointless post about pink ambulances and zits. I shall post a proper update about my happenings soon, when i have the time. (: all i want to do now is sleep so i shall grant myself this simple wish yay.

signing off, viting
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