Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Decided to create a list of 50 things i like about myself. :D hope that this list can inspire others to start one of their own. actually dun you realise, too often, people are worrying about making others happy and they forget to love themselves properly. :D yup, so my wish is for this list to spread like fire!(okay, too dangerous) Eh i wish this list spreads like flu?(i know, quite sad isn't it?) Fine, let's just hope this list spreads, be it fire or flu or whatever! (:(:(:

1) My smile is infectious.
2) I like to see people returning my smile, with a even wider one.
3) I smile with my eyes, not just my mouth.
4) The ability to laugh at myself. yes, i know i never run out of opportunities.
5) I can roll my tongue.
6) I can roll my eyes.
7) I can do both of that simultaneously. :D
8) I am able to hold interesting conversations with myself. (this sounds..sad)
9) Singing makes me happy. and i constantly have a tune or song stuck in my head.
10) I never let my brother's insults about my singing get to me.
11) Instead i would sing louder, just to annoy him.
12) I love life
13) and that i know how it feels like to hate life too.
14) I never tell someone i love them unless i really mean it.
15) I acknowledge that im hopeless at certain things, like math, and art.
16) My art is nothing to be proud of an embarrassment, but i love to doodle.
17) I trust myself.
18) I eat cauliflower and carrots and even spinach.
19) I hate lizards. I love it that at least im normal.
20) I enjoy being with my friends.
21) I enjoy being alone.
22) My imagination and quirky ideas.
23) Sometimes i find something funny, although nobody else does.
24) I have lovely friends. (:
25) I make a conscious effort to care about the environment. although admittedly, writing on both sides of a paper has never been my strong point.
26) I cook decent noodles.
27) I tan instead of burn.
28) I may have some hidden power, waiting to be discovered.
29) My jokes do not always have a punchline.
30) I am my own best friend.
31) I have high heat tolerance and i can hold hot items with my bare hands longer than my mum.
32) I never get tired of seeing the moon in the sky.
33) I do not walk with my head down and end up missing out on a pretty rainbow.
34) I have high cheekbones.
35) I tell myself that i am tall. and sometimes really believes it. :D
36) The ability to know right off the bat whether a piece of jewellery will look nice on me.
37) I am bilingual. hope to be trilingual someday.
38) I can agree to disagree. I dun always need to have the last word or win an argument.
39) My beautiful handwriting, although not everyone agrees. but that's because they have no taste. :P
40) I am a good judge of character.
41) My growing notebook collection.
42) I am not giving up on finishing this list. yay.
43) I like it that i am not too proud to admit my mistakes and apologize. most of the time anyway.
44) I love listening to stories and telling them.
45) I am not afraid to cut my own hair. recently even moved on to cutting my sister's, not just the fringe but the whole head. :D no worries, it looks fine. anyone else interested? *evil laughter*
46) My room is like some kind of pig sty but still, i know where all my important things are kept.
47) I can never truly understand what the meaning of love is. but that's alright. :D
48) I watched shutter without screaming, or covering my eyes. not even once!
49)I like to marvel at the beauty of random things i see or feel or hear or smell or taste...
50) I love being me. (:

signing off, viting
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