Sunday, October 5, 2008


I don't really know how to tell you this, but our romance is over. I think I realized it that night at the mental hospital and I saw you sit on the crazy monk. I'm sure you're ashamed enough to understand that santa doesn't exist. I'm returning your false teeth to you, but I'll keep your criminal record as a memory. You should also know that I never openly mocked Oprah Winfrey imitations.

Go and drown yourself,

HAHAHA this is super funny. Details at Huda's blog, i am too lazy to copy and paste the whole long chunk of instructions but do try it, see whether your letter would be more nonsensical than mine. (:

and anyway i know i promised to blog about my happenings. well, i am tired yet again, after laughing at the stupid letter above. so i shall just give a short update. well, working at fish and co now and it's like quite fun because everyone there is nice. The work is also challenging and not monotonous, there is a sense of satisfaction there, when you managed to make the guests happy. :D i like the place so far i think. :D

As for the F1, it was not a bad experience at all. I was the barrister at the Ferrari Suite and the work can get kinda hectic and makes me want to die. Yup but it is rather cool getting the bird's eye view of the race. I also had fun working with the people from other schools and get to know more people from my course and yada yada. you know, the usual. what's more, the pay is pretty good too yay.

Oh and i finally met up with them over dinner. supposed to be celebrating dawn's birthday but i forgot to bring her present. haha a small something that i made. Took me a day and although it did not turn out as nice as i imagined it to be, i suppose it looks halfway decent. okay dawn, you will know when you see it, when we meet up again soon. (: and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! loads of love. <3

It was also my sister's birthday five days ago and being a great sister, i have yet to give her anything. I keep telling myself i would but never really gotten down to it. Nevermind, maybe i should start by being nicer to her. =P Then maybe get her something useful, like pens or foolscap paper. well, she is a very practical person and trust me, she would rather pens than teddy bears. I should get her a economical pack of foolscap paper, those "six in one" kind.

I am currently pretty sad over the fact that holidays are soon ending. Ahh back to having to wake up early for school. at least next semester's timetable is alright, we only have two days with lessons at 8am. Still, i dun want the holidays to end yet! somebody turn back the clock thank you.

turn back an additional four hours so i get more sleep. whatever. goodnight. i updated. hooray. (:

signing off, viting
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