Sunday, October 19, 2008

I absolutely love supermarkets. :D I went on a shopping spree at the supermarket buying interesting looking food. Initially I only planned to get some honey stars to replace those stolen from my brother, before he and my mum come back from malaysia. but all the other food kept calling my name and I could not resist. anyway I figured, since my parents decided to dump me and my sister alone in singapore while they eat my grandma's famous herbal chicken in malaysia, I should indulge a little. :D Make myself feel better, especially since my brother would be back next week to boast about all kinds of amazing food he ate there. making me jealous is his hobby, he does that on a daily basis.

I blew close to fifty bucks in total. My shopping list includes a whole range of nonsense, from mushroom biscuits to yogurt and rooibus tea. haha cool right, rooibus tea is my new discovery and is supposed to be beneficial to our health. I also bought carrot juice to bring to school. spent half an hour arranging and displaying all the food on the kitchen shelves when I got home and then told my sister that she can have some if she likes. see! I am not like my brother who locks his chocolates up in his desk drawer. :D

Jay Chou released his new album like a few days ago but it is still not in singapore! haha but it doesn't really matter, my friend went to burn all the songs for me. (:(:(: I love almost all the songs inside! his slow songs this time round are like super sad, i can totally listen to them and emo all day long. LOL especially 说好的幸福呢.


the lyrics are sad but actually still alright, it is when you listen to Jay singing it that it becomes so heartbreaking hahaha. :D

Oh and I managed to survive the first week of school! :D it actually turned out really fun, it was nice to see everyone again. all the familiar faces, even if i do not know them personally. We have many new modules, actually everything except for hateful statistics and accounts. Yup but our statistics tutor is rather cute, in a gay kinda way.(: Lengchee is totally in love, you should see the way she giggles at everything he says haha(dun kill me). =P Our accounts tutor also seems capable, but i know i have to start working really hard. capable and experienced as she may be, she is not a fairy/witch/magician and therefore does not create miracles.

I choose to avoid, which is really cowardly of me.

The moon looks fake tonight. I can simply take out a piece of paper, paint the background deep blue and clouds that looks like smoke. Then draw a round moon in bright yellow, ever so slightly dented. I highly doubt it would look nice though, the clouds would spoil everything. Clouds only look like cotton candy in the day, at night it becomes ugly. I dun like clouds at night. All they do is cover the stars.

alright i am sleeping early today. goodnight, may a starving child get a bowl of rice.(random) :D

signing off, viting
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