Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am feeling super worked up right now. I caught hell with my cousin a few minutes ago because he found out that i listen to "wo hui hao hao guo", which he claims is a "sappy little love song." all because he has never liked love songs, especially those in chinese. but well, it's just too bad because i happen to like them. and this one is not like any of those cheesy ones, this one is good. this one makes me happy.(yes, it's a sad song) and this one, i can sing over and over again and still love it. :D


whee particularly love this phrase. I keep running it over and over in my head. I am sure this would be nothing new to many people though, i have been going around expressing my passion for this song. so much that i am sure everyone got sick of it and my sister told me to "just get over it already." hahaha maybe in another week or so perhaps? (:

I know i haven't been blogging much about my happenings again. It's okay though, nothing really exciting. school has been fine, we finally presented our marketing project today, but just the trial. It was kinda lame but being geniuses, our group managed to crap our way through and sounding rather professional as well.(i hope) There are also various other projects due pretty soon that we have yet to start. I think next week would be a rather busy week.

Also, i met up with quite a lot of my friends this week, including some which i have not seen for close to half a year. yay i love having friends like them. :D and i went to watch the coffin with some people from my class yesterday. It was not as scary as i thought it would be but still, some parts were pretty freaky. The concept about the ritual is rather interesting though, such a strange belief. I think superstitious people are interesting, like the auntie who used to be my neighbour before the family decided to move house. I miss them so much, our family used to be so close to all of them. anyway, she used to do all kinds of stuff to supposedly ward off evil and i find them all entertaining lol. (:

and! I want a movie marathon!

cheers! (:(:(:

signing off, viting
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