Monday, October 27, 2008

I have this strange phobia of scattered dots or depressions, especially in an erratic pattern. They make me cringe and gives me goosebumps. Then i would look at my goosebumps and get even more goosebumps because i find them scary as well. afterwards it just becomes somewhat like a domino effect and i need to squeeze my eyes shut and concentrate real hard on thinking about something else. like a pretty field full of roses. or a magical looking fountain with butterflies fluttering all around. :D

More examples are like drawings of hair follicles, flocks of birds flying close together, crab holes on the beach and other random things. they normally do not affect my life but now i am dead. we are suppose to create something for our IDEAS module and it requires us to sculpt this model on the zbrush programme. the model happens to make me shudder, i cannot even think about it. gosh total vomit material lol.

I think polka dots are cute though. :D

anyway this thing got me interested in learning more about phobias and it's actually really interesting! (: is great to discover and self-diagnosing your own phobias. There are actually people afraid of the colour yellow, Xanthophobia. Optophobia is really stupid, it's fear of opening one's eyes. People are even afraid of northern lights and that's called Auroraphobia. I dun know why though, northern lights are so pretty! okay, i have not exactly seen one in real life but i have seen tons of photographs haha. (: I plan to travel and see them one day. Haha then there's one i particularly love, Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is actually phobia of long words and it happens to be the longest one on the list.

signing off, viting
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