Monday, October 13, 2008

My desk at this historical moment finally found it's asthmatic cure. This is stupid but i am trying to imagine my desk as a creature that is actually alive. The top is the nose. It suffers from breathing difficulty half it's lifetime due to a very messy owner dumping all her stuff on top and never ever getting down to clearing them. One bright sunny afternoon, her pile of books got so high that it started to resemble a mountain and her mum screamed at her to "clear everything by tonight or else you bear the consequences!" Yup so i have a tidy desk now, fantastic really. from this day forward, i shall start being a more organized person. yay (:

School is starting tomorrow and i am torn between feeling sad and happy and excited. Yong tau foo here i come wahaha. xD I miss the dumpings from that stall in foodcourt six! also, i would be able to see all my friends again. I also plan to study really hard for next semester to pull up my current results, which sucks. I like to pretend they are not part of me and it was all a hallucination i somehow developed. like those withdrawal symptoms of morphine abusers. which happens to be why i avoid logging in to the SAS as much as possible. you know... the whole self created concept
that so long as you dun think/talk about it, it would somehow disappear lol. ahh see! my life is so pathetic.

I went to lyana's house yesterday and her mum cooked lunch, which i thought was really yummy. especially the tofu and egg dish. :D Then we talked over some biscuits that they made for hari raya. I also managed to catch up with hannah, at least, before school starts. We discovered this white chocolate souffle with berry sorbet hidden in the middle. that was really good, brought us to heaven. (: it looked so pretty too. eh i love it! (: of course, the company was what i enjoyed the most. (:
& the netballers have to meet up soon, too bad our plan got postponed.

Great World City toilets are so pretty. The toilets at each level have it's own country decoration. how to say, different toilets are decorated as different countries. I like the holland one, but the one i always go to is Spain. The thing i dun get is why such nice toilets have such lousy toilet cubicle doors. im serious, they have a mind of their own and they like to slam by itself, especially on my poor fingers. The index finger on my left hand is now bruised because of the lousy doors. My friend tried to help and wrapped my finger up like some spring roll. I told it off because it really looks too much like a spring roll, a hungry creature might find my finger a delicious dinner. ouch no thanks.

Whee i am excited. Jay Chou's new album is coming out in another couple of days. I love his songs and im sure this one would not be a disappointment. so far none of his songs have been, except maybe lan se feng bao, which i dun particularly like.

Sometimes, my opinions about people and things can change so fast they worry me.

Alright, i am off to bed! please, no eyebags tomorrow, i ran out of teabags. and no, i did not purposely make them rhyme. this is not a poem. goodnight! (:

signing off, viting
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