Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happiness! One more project cleared, so one down and just about a million more to go. I also happen to be utterly clueless about statistics. yes, it is really bad, i attempted to read through some of the notes illustrated in alien language. This harsh reality then dawned on me and i know i have to summon my non existent motivation and execute my equally non existent studying plan. xD I am a born natural, natural procrastinator wahahaha okay this is not meant to be funny. alright, time to start studying for tests viting! (:(:(:

Recently, I watched several movies including painted skin, high school musical 3 and also re-watched a walk to remember. yay and I watched them all online. :D

High school musical turned out unexpectedly nice, for me at least. I am sure this will earn me plenty of odd expressions and raised eyebrows, basically people wondering why i am so shallow. well, it's just too bad that i happen to like the songs and the dances. also, this movie somehow struck a cord in me. It brought me back to the the good old anderson days. and in a few years time, the same situation will apply to me, graduating from school. hmm wonder how i'll feel then.

A walk to remember was achingly sweet and i love it so much. Mandy Moore looked so pretty in the film and of course she and Shane West were awfully cute together. They make true love seem almost possible haha. Okay i should not put it like that, im sure it's possible. (: i believe in love too. (:

today is also friday, which means it's the weekends yet again! whee! see, so many things to be happy about. <3

signing off, viting
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