Monday, November 24, 2008

I am being the world's worst procrastinator, yet again. oh gosh i swear i am incorrigible. It is quite awful, really, how I procrastinate all the time and for close to everything in my life; from studying for tests to completing my part of the marketing project to clearing my room. I find excuses for everything. I am such a sloth, too lazy for my own good. and the worst part is, I so know it. xD

motivation is a strange thing. it works on different people in myriad ways and even though its generally regarded a good thing (think responses like "good! at least you're motivated!") on people like me it can only be the springboard to disappointment. Today my sister told me that my lack of self discipline is my major flaw and it's fatal. (she was supposed to be writing an essay about fatal flaws) and i agree, sadly. even if i am motivated to work harder now, the motivation almost always finds it's way out of my system and disappear into space to join the aliens and live in UFOs. disappointing, isn't it? hahaha nevermind, i shall continue to believe that i can turn my motivation into actual actions that will produce results. which, hopefully in this case, increase my GPA. thank you very much, that would be just what i need.

also, recently i realised that i love myself a lot. which is a good thing i suppose. but i wonder, can anyone love themselves too much? so much as that they become selfish? most likely yes.

so anyway, i shall blog a little about the past weeks. In that couple of weeks, i managed to
1) screw up my CRS so completely that i can murder myself. but no, i would not want to do that and end up going to jail or go through capital punishment because i murdered, well, myself.
2) witness my brother getting 198 for this PSLE results and yes, he is so screwed. This just goes to show, you reap what you sow, playing computer games everyday and then hoping to pass with flying colours is just wishful thinking. life does not work this way. anyway it was quite disappointing, after all that hard work on my part to tutor him. Makes me feel like i failed as a teacher. well, at least now i know being a teacher is probably not my calling.
3) deplete my bank account!
4) try studying overnight with lengchee and crosby but failing ever so miserably (why am i not surprised?) haha i think it's because there is still one more week till tests and thus there is no sense of urgency.
5) swim with hannah and then checked out northpoint's revamped look. We went to the new library which did not have that many books and also ate at xinwang hong kong cafe. I am so jealous because sunplaza only has mostly fast food, unless you count gelare and coffee bean. oh well, at least a pastamania would be opening soon! I am wayyy excited. (: the most exciting thing that ever happened at sunplaza since popular opened a year ago.
6) meet up with Jenny and Large Intestine.
7) eat at three ice cream places back to back, which left me scared of ice cream for the first time in my life. but now i feel like having ben's and jerry again. the chocolate chip cookie dough! haha my ultimate favourite. <3
8) quarrel with my mum over childish issues.
9) run home whenever i can just to catch my dramas. shi xiong di and fa zheng xian feng! yayy they are addictive like drugs, seriously. and no, i have never tried drugs haha.
10) most likely a bunch of other random stuff which i cannot recall.

oh well, i guess i better go do some more of my marketing and then sleep. I am sure my eyes would look horrifying tomorrow since i ran out of teabags.

next week would be another busy week so good luck to me! (:(:(:

signing off, viting
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