Monday, November 10, 2008

The weather was so chilly today and all it does is put me in a mood to sleep. So I decided to go home straight after school. My whole family ending up having dinner together, which is something we have not done in weeks. All of us are just so busy all the time.

We were happily discussing about the contribution of raisins to our lives when I choked on a chicken bone. as in, I swallowed the whole freaking thing, which happened to be shaped like half an umbrella and just about as big as a drawer key. which is, huge. People who choke on things the size of this would end up in the hospital. Okay scratch that, they would basically die. Then on their death certificate it would be indicated as "death by choking", which is extremely pathetic. If I ever die, I want my death certificate to say something like, "death by sacrificing her life for those of the world." yeah right, like that would ever happen. Okay back to the story, where was I? Yup, so I suddenly grabbed my sister and started coughing and trying to get the bone up. My whole family was panicking and after minutes of this near death experience, I finally got the bone out with the aid of my mum. She stuck her whole hand down my throat and took it out, no kidding! Even now as I think about it, it still scares me so much. It is so terribly scary that it is not even funny at all.

So the morale of the story is, never talk about the significance of raisins in your life while eating chicken.

signing off, viting
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