Saturday, December 27, 2008

Everything (FULL CD Version) - Wang Lee Hom

I have been listening to the songs in leehom's new album since I reached home just now. not all the songs though, just the tracks I managed to download. :D my friend was like gushing over the album the whole day and made me all excited. I was initially worried that all that hype would leave me disappointed. but of course leehom does not disappoint, never was quite the type to.(except maybe his previous album hee)

The song "heartbeat" is the love. Leehom penned the lyrics, composed it, arranged it, produced it, sang it and personally designed and played all the instruments you can hear in the song. and I hereby declare my undying and eternal love(getting slightly overboard here lol) for this simple yet beautiful song. (:(:(:

I also love the song "everything" and this is also the one playing now. The lyrics are undoubtedly one of the best.

"Cause You're My Everything
就一个原因 让我勇敢面对这个世界
不管用多少个明天 永远从此刻开始算起

see! so sweet, and so sad! It is like something edward cullen would say minus all that cheesy-ness. :D This song is kinda like "wei yi" or "kiss goodbye" or "forever love". yup basically the typical, wonderful Leehom sad ballads. the kind that I can almost imagine some cute guy singing to his wife whom is crying because she is sooo touched and then she runs up to the stage and the guy carries her and turn in circles and then all of a sudden, nothing else matters. haha oops getting carried away again. :DDD but this is a sad and romantic song which is definitely one of my favorites. yayy

The rest are pretty nice as well, you guys should go listen to it. (:

anyway I shall blog a little about christmas. The lunch turned out to be at cafe cartel instead of sakae sushi because I said I didn't want sushi haha. It was great food and amazing company. I love all the presents thanks. (: then we went home and I had dinner with my family and one of my dad's friend. again it was great food and fabulous company. my mum gave me one of those delicate silver necklaces which I dun really like though, not my kinda necklace. but of course I am not complaining, it is the thought that counts. (: anyway I told her in the end, and she suggested that I exchange presents with my sister, which I did.

and as for today, we had a post christmas barbecue at christine's house and it was nice seeing everyone again, all the twofour people. haha it was funny when we were trying to take bus 86 back to yio chu kang. we ran like nobody's business when we saw the bus while we were still across the street. the bus driver had to wait for us and all the passengers were staring while we ran desperately and went panting up the bus. then, after a few stops, we realised that we were taking the wrong side and had to get off to switch sides. it was really lame. but anyway, I had a nice day.

I took really long to type this because I was doing so many other things as well, like downloading music and chatting and transferring songs to my mp3. haha but I am finally done! off to bed now! (:

P.S. ahh panic! school is starting in two days!

signing off, viting
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