Monday, December 8, 2008

My friend told me that love is sweet. In love, you would experience a kind of happiness lights up your world like fireworks. When you see the person your stomach unknowingly and involuntarily does somersaults. yup so in short, love should be this icky sweet somersault-ish firework-ish kinda feeling. :D

and I can conclude that I am in love! (: see!

ohmygod he is like really really cute. haha i know i have been going around and telling everyone that would listen how cute he is. I dun mean to gush but he is reallyyy so.damn.cute. Haha go watch bu liang xiao hua, playing on channel u now and i bet you will fall in love with him too. especially when he smiles, really adorable. (: Wilbur is acting in this show as well, which makes it even more worthwhile to watch. I mean, we all know how cute he is too. yay my life feels really fulfilled now LOL. (:

and whee! a few days since holidays started and i am enjoying myself! (: yet to start on any projects though. (why am i not surprisesd) haha nevermind, next week we'll have to meet up and start on some.

still haven't met up with them to have a movie marathon or at least, chat over coffee at PCC. hey guys, soon okay!

signing off, viting
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