Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My mum made rather dry and weird-tasting pancakes for breakfast just now. It tasted kinda like the ones my aunt used to make all the time and made us all eat. she would ask us whether it tasted it nice, not a genuine attempt to ask for constructive feedback though, more like an attempt to fish for compliments because afterwards she would wait expectantly for us to sing her praises. most of the time, I have no heart to break the truth to her, leaving her in self denial till now. :D anyway I told my mum hers are not quite so tasty and I think she is rather hurt. oops, so much for honesty is the best policy, should have left her in self denial too. then she and my aunt can be in self denial together. I think this runs in a family, because I often find myself in self denial too. (:(:(:

anyway I just came back from attending my cousin's wedding in malaysia. It was my paternal side, which I am not particularly close to. felt like I was in some kinda museum where I take the role of some ancient china artifact the whole time I was there. random people whom I have never seen, like the friends of the bride or the friend's sister of the bride or the brother's friends of the bridegroom(you get the idea), would stare curiously and whisper among themselves. I hated it, rather rude of them. to me, this is the down side about attending weddings, having to interact with all sorts of unknown and sometimes strange people.

haha but it was overall quite fun. finally saw some of my cousins and exchanged stories about our happenings. it was also a very sweet wedding, with the bride and groom being really compatible and looking like a "match in heaven". It was quite magical as well, the ballroom was full of red roses and several white cloths stretching across the ballroom in different directions. The pretty ballroom more than made up for the mediocre tasting food. There was the beautiful and huge wedding cake that, for once, is edible! wow finally someone smart enough to get wedding cake that can be eaten, I got pretty excited hahaha. :D The highlight of the night was when the groom gave this awfully sweet speech and ever so gently placed the wedding ring on the bride's finger. Awww the moment was achingly sweet and romantic, all the guests totally melted, together with the bride, and became a puddle of water. decided not to spoil it by being lame lol.

Last sunday, our class had a barbecue at east coast park and I had quite alot of fun. (: the food was good and the company was great. but we did not play any ball games because nobody brought a ball haha. nevermind, we still had fun cycling, chatting, learning magic tricks and basically enjoying each other's company. :DD

I also was forced to watch BOLT last week, which turned out alright, nothing fantastic. hahaha I want to watch yes man, angus thongs and perfect snogging(dun roll your eyes!) and australia. I am definitely catching australia, combination of action and romance. who wants to watch with meeee?!?

and tomorrow I am going to sakae sushi for a christmas lunch with my friends and then dinner with my family. I prepared all the presents already, all nicely wrapped with newspaper. hee i did not have enough wrapping paper you see, and they are all such a rip-off during this festive season. oh well, it's the thought that counts afterall. (: I did spend many hours and several trips to town before I settled all the presents, thanks to everyone who had to accompany me during my frantic hunting sessions. yay and I like christmas because of the good food and company. although the appealing level of sushi is virtually zero right now, after that sakae sushi buffet with my friends last week. we ate so much that I wanted to die.

whee! I am happy because jurong point is now huge, and very much nicer. <3 went exploring with shufen, lydia and shi tian. haha they are currently addicted to pets society, just visit their pet homes and you guys will understand what I mean. and today I went exploring sembawang shopping centre with my family. It recently opened and the place is really crowded. yup but im sure it would not be that bad once the novelty wears off, just hope that it does not end up failing like the previous mall. anyway I was getting all excited over the food there. It has fish and co, astons, subway and starbucks. <3 and my mum queued up for close to an hour for croissants at giant. I was quite shocked at the appeal of croissants. They even had to limit every customer to two boxes so that the people at the back can get some.

and recently I am addicted to bu liang xiao hua, decided that pan wei bo is cuter than that jia sile because his character in the show is so lovable, distant yet sensitive and charming. of course xiao niang re is also getting increasingly exciting, full of twists and constant drama. I seriously do not get the whole "a woman's life is worthless" and "resign to fate" thing though. I am lucky that I dun live in the time when people tend to be a tad too traditional for their own good, because it is really ridiculous, angers me.

okay I shall go read my book now, this brainless chick lit with makes me giggle with its frothy romance. and then browse through my magazines. yay I chased my sister out of the room so that I could have some me time. (:(:(:

merry christmas everyone! <3

signing off, viting
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