Thursday, December 4, 2008

左边 Zuo Bian - 杨丞琳 Rainie Yang

I swear life is mocking me.

everyone else is rejoicing and celebrating the end of tests while i have two more yet to take because i overslept and missed both, on consecutive days. yesterday, i woke up only to realise that I set my alarm as 8pm instead of 8am. since i was never someone to wake up naturally without the alarm blasting all my family members awake and strangling me to wake up, i overslept. so, after laughing at my stupidity, i went to the polyclinic for a medical certificate. The doctor could totally tell, he was laughing and doing the whole i-know-your-motive-and-i-am-trying-not-to-sound-sarcastic thing. he failed quite badly by the way. xD

as for today, I woke up late again because some alien from venus decided to land in my room. he(because i think aliens are male) adjusted the timing on my alarm clock such that it did not ring on time. So I was like whoa, twice in a row. I marvel at my extend of stupidity sometimes hahaha. :D so after checking the clock one million times, I finally settled on the fact that I really did miss the test and made my way to the polyclinic for another medical certificate. this time the doctor genuinely believed that i had a terrible stomachache. She insisted on listening to my heartbeat and everything, it was quite lame.

After I left the polyclinic, I went to the police station to report the loss of my phone and then went for lunch. I was really starving and felt like eating steamboat so I went to Seoul Garden. :D alone of course, cause I could not contact anyone and vice versa. Haha then after I was satisfied, I went to the library and then to starbucks. could not go home because I forgot to bring out my keys. even had to wait until my sister got home and emailed me before I made me way home. p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c please.

also, yesterday I flung my phone across the room in hope that it would recover.(describing it like a living thing now) you know, the whole reverse actions thingy. who knows, it might even work. the world is a strange place and things work weirdly, after all. Haha but obviously in my case it did not work, my phone blanked out after the throw. so, today i tried to get it fixed and brought it along with me when i went to the polyclinic. then, the murphy's law prevail. I just had to take my phone out on the bus and juat had to leave it on the seat next to mine and just had to forget all about it. Damn it, so now i am officially phone-less! applause! not that that is anything to be happy about.

so here I want to apologize for being not contactable. If you need to contact me, try the msn or alternatively, you may email me. yes, I am very serious. wow thank god for technology LOL.

and last saturday's barbecue was truckloads of fun. :D it was great to see everyone again, after so long. I am too lazy to upload the pictures so talk to me online if you want the pictures. (:

My life is so dramatic haha. okay and I left you guys with a nice song! (: enjoy!

signing off, viting
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