Thursday, January 29, 2009


haha okay im not exactly early but chinese new year is fifteen days so technically im still on time yay! oh yah before I continue, I shall declare that im bound to go bonkers if anyone else wishes me happy 'niu' year. the first time I heard it I thought it was cute but after hearing it umpteen times, I am sick of it so yah, please stop. :D

anyway as promised, I shall blog about my trip to malaysia for chinese new year. It was truckloads of fun and the atmosphere was convivial. I love being with my relatives, I feel like we are one big and happy family, non judgmental nor awkward. what I especially adore is that when im with them, there is absolutely no need for small talk or any of those exaggerated politeness. Instead, there is constant laughter because when we are together, everything suddenly becomes funny and we kept talking and laughing and talking and laughing again. :DD

In malaysia, there is much more of the new year spirit as compared to that in singapore, in my opinion. I think it's because of all the firecrackers, pretty fireworks, all the streets lighted up with lanterns and decorations and lion dances everywhere. the fireworks this year was brilliant, nicer than the national day's display I saw in singapore. I think it's because we were at the rooftop and very close to the fireworks, it's as though you can reach out and grab them. most importantly, I think it's special because we were one of those who put the fireworks. exciting! :D we were so proud of ourselves lol. :D

my cousins and I had a lot of fun playing several random games. this year, we gambled a little as well hahaha my friends will be proud of me. previously, we would play games like ice and water, hide-and-seek and the eagle catching chicks game. which means this year I officially upgrade to higher level. anyway I won a grand total of around two dollars lol. not bad not bad, can buy a mr bean pearly soya milk. :D one particularly memorable incident was when a pack of us loaded onto the back of my uncle's lorry. we stood up and tarted singing new year songs and clapping freaking loudly, attracting a lot of attention along the way. hahaha crazy and stupid. :DD

and throughout the few days, I kept eating and eating like some glutton. and I swear im addicted to bak kwa. super yummy and I cannot resist it, ate close to 50 slices in total I think and nope im not kidding. and then there was the chocolates, yummy wafer sticks my grandma bought and nian gao.

however one bad thing is that throughout the whole trip, I had those horrible rashes and all the clinics were closed so I could not even see a doctor. they not only hurt but also itched so badly and it took all my mental strength to not rip my clothes off and scratch and scratch and scratch...haha but after applying my cousin's cream, they dried up and it's alright now, except that they are still as hideous as ever. now I could only hope they disappear quickly, and without a trace please.

anyhow im back im singapore and I miss my relatives but life goes on. haha I shall visit them in a few months I suppose. (: meanwhile, I hope my grandma stays healthy. she seemed more fragile than before and can no longer climb rambutan trees like how she did a year ago. thus my new year wish is for everyone around me to stay healthy always, for they are all important to me.

alright! that's all for my lengthy and wordy and no pictures chinese new year post. :D I shall go sleep now! goodnight everyone hope your new year was fun too.

signing off, viting
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