Thursday, January 22, 2009

my lousy previous blogskin kept having problems so I had it changed! the profile and everything is the same though, I simply transferred everything to a new template. :D

I am now trying to sorta revive my close to dead blog. have been busy with school, basically trying to meet the deadlines for our projects. yup but just like how good things always come to an end, bad things do eventually come to an end as well. hahaha thankfully. :D and now, we only have one more ideas project left. :D

haha and surprisingly, despite the numerous times I skipped lessons due to various reasons such as lack to motivation and being a hopeless sleepyhead, I have no warning letter. many of my friends, even innocent ones like shi tian managed to land herself with one. well, I think I have my classmates to thank, for they always help me take attendance if I skip lecture. :D but! I have decided! I shall not skip any lessons from next week onwards! :D die now I think I sound like a classic case of gamblers who insist that they will quit their addiction, you know they never succeed.

quarreled with my dad just now due to really stupid reasons. super dumb and now I just find the whole episode amusing. but dad and I are still not speaking. we are on cold war and I shall not be the first one to give in. :D

many fun stuff happened last week but I forgot the details and so I shall not blog about them. nevermind, next week I will blog about chinese new year. :D

and I have scary rashes on my back and some at my right arm. oh no what's wrong with me? hope it's nothing serious, I am rather worried. they look hideous too. somebody save me! haha most likely the only person that can save me is the doctor, I shall see one if I dun recover by the time I come back from malaysia.

alright, enough of random stuffs, I shall go to bed now. (: planning to go marketing lecture tomorrow! hardworking me! :DD

signing off, viting
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