Sunday, January 11, 2009

so on eighth of January I officially turned eighteen. :D actually to me it seems the same, except one year closer to death. meanwhile, it should be up to me to shine brighter everyday, not the candles on my cake. :D ironically, my birthday is also a personally significant time where I tend to have tons of feelings all crashing down on me and my genius brain. :D but here, I shall simply thank everyone who wished me happy birthday and for all the presents. I feel loved and I would switch places with nobody on earth, I love being me. :D although I had to go to school and rush projects as usual,(of course, I am not the emperor) I still managed to take some time out throughout this week to celebrate with people who matter. :DD so life's good, as usual. it would be even better if I could stop slacking around and actually start on my tutorials. (x

Geo Challenge here I come yayyyy! :D (kidding, I mean accounting here I come!)

what can I say? life goes on. (tough luck) :DD

signing off, viting
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