Sunday, January 4, 2009

so, yet another year and it has already been three days into the new year of 2009. I delayed updating about it partially because I was hoping that I would start feeling something for it. I mean, it's a new year and a new beginning! surely I ought to feel excited or something right? yup so after a couple of days, I still dun feel particularly excited or hopeful or anything. I mostly feel well, pretty neutral but I suppose that is normal right?

In any case, I shall bid farewell to 2008, which was a fine year. and embrace 2009, hoping that it would be a better year. I told my sister that my resolution is to be a better and nicer person. subsequently, she rolled her eyes and stated that it was a pointless resolution. so I came up with several new ones. firstly, I hope that in 2009, I would stop sweating the small stuff. also, I am tired of being so passive about certain aspects of my life so I aim to seize the moment more and do what I want to do at the moment I want to do something. :D also, I want to work harder in my studies. okay scratch that, I need to work harder in my studies and stop putting things off till the last minute. :D

of course other than those above, I came up with a short list of my own, a more detailed one. hopefully, by the end of 2009, I would be done all that I sought to do. but as many of you may have known by now, I suck at keeping resolutions and rock at coming up with tons of excuses for myself. haha anyway, wish me luck! :D

so here's to a fabulous year ahead! (:(:(: goodnight.

signing off, viting
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