Friday, February 6, 2009

I am taking a break from studying for GEMS test, although I hardly started at all. and next week is our organizational management test and I am utterly clueless about nearly everything. then there is statistics to learn from scratch, maps to memorize and accounting to study. thanks to all my friends who agreed to give me crash courses, I will be eternally grateful. :D okay at least I am done with the marketing discussion forum report and that is comforting. I mean, at least it's a start! :D

anyway last week was good. I caught bride wars with hannah, elegy with weijie and xiuhui and also redcliff II(finally) with jiahao. also managed to watch house of flying daggers, becoming Jane, the lion king and love actually on the internet. haha no wonder I have been missing nearly all the morning lectures and tutorials, kept staying up late to watch movies and then refuse to wake up in the morning. :D

and anyway happy birthday lydia! :DD haha it's already past twelve! time to return home from the ball, take care not to lose your glass slipper! okay seriously, ignore me hahaha I am just trying to delay getting back to studying. but I better get back, test is tomorrow! less than 12 hours from now!

cheers! :DD

signing off, viting
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