Friday, February 13, 2009

It's unbelievable how I can be reduced to such a sorry state. Having argued with my mum, the atmosphere at my house became too tense for me to concentrate on studying and I made my way to yishun library. I am there now, dangerously in risk of becoming an ice sculpture, even with my jacket on. seriously wonder why all libraries treat us like polar bears. the only slightly less cold branch would be sembawang library, but it has no tables and also packed with kids thinking that it's a playground, so it's not conducive at all. hmm maybe it's time for me to make a trip down to coldwear for a fur coat haha. but for the time being, I am frozen, tired and my arm hurts. I have tons of questions about fixed assets and partnerships and have no mood to try and figure them out. this is one of those times where I really just want to have the power to become invisible, haha so that I can go home and sleep without my mum discovering me and launching into another one of her lectures. yah, become invisible. -rolls eyes. in my dreams.

signing off, viting
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