Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh my goodness I am incredibly happy haha so happy that I feel myself sailing over the moon and past the rainbow and all the fluffy clouds haha yay yay yayyyy all the papers are over like finally I am rid of all the notes and studying whee but I shall not burn them because can sell to the future tourism juniors! :D wow that was a long happy sentence. :DD anyway that is not the only reason why I am so happy now, the other reason is unknown. sometimes I simply do, you know suddenly very satisfied with life. like why?!?

anyway sorry for the lack of updates. If you want to know the excuse, that's because I had been diligently studying and slogging my guts out for the papers. but if you want to know the real reason, that's simply because I am you know, too lazy. :DD

but nevermind, here I am! :D and I shall update briefly on stuffs. first, the papers were altogether quite a disappointing bunch. accounts aside, because I did not bear much hopes on that in the first place. statistics was quite a letdown, considering I studied and thought I knew pretty much all that has to be known. too bad the paper was so lame, questions and my facts divorced. (not compatible!) then there was marketing, which was fine but I screwed up some questions. at least today's geography paper was pretty alright. I am almost afraid to find out how I fare this semester, hardly going to be worth celebrating for.

on a brighter note, holidays officially starts tomorrow! yay so many things to do. I want to read, going to borrow some books tomorrow. and I want to meet all the people I want to meet. also going to be using my computer alot, watching random dramas and movies online. and going to go out and have fun. and and will hopefully get a fun yet challenging job. yup and I shall clean my room! :DD

I want to buy romance volume II, which was launched on valentines' day! <3 yay dawn, know your stories will be fantastic. and I am going to get it with my sister's borders card, hope she doesn't mind, didn't really plan on getting permission first. okay kidding! she doesn't mind. :D

anyway, happy birthday weiling! :D a bunch of us went to celebrate with her after the geography paper today. had dinner at vivocity and then later the four of us went shopping while the rest went to some place with a weird name. in any case, hope she had a great birthday.

okay I updated! going off to play geo challenge now! I am re-addicted to it. :D

signing off, viting
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