Wednesday, March 11, 2009

100 zhong shen huo

yay this is a lovely song, go listen to it okay! :D

anyway the past few days have been fun too. on monday I went out with sister because she did not have school and I still owe her a treat. haha from her birthday which was five months ago. :D we went to bugis and had lunch at the soup spoon followed by shopping. super fun but my bank account suffered. haha then for dinner I treated her to fish and co, the both of us managed to polish off a family feast completed with soup and drinks. that seriously depleted my bank account but never mind, at least I dun owe her a treat anymore. :D

tuesday was spent lazing around at home. I started watching Pi Li MIT and wo de yi wan mian bao. while waiting for them to load, I watched huang jing lun on xin guang da dao and he is super cute. also visited the library with my brother and then treated him to gelare. see! why am I such a nice person? LOL

today I went out with dawn!(:(:(: haha we went walking around town and had nice food. discovered that the black sesame ice cream from pepper lunch is actually really yummy. ahh craving for it now, but I will make do with my tub of king's vanilla ice cream. whee shall go eat it after this. :D anyway we tried to look for a job at kinokuniya but got rejected because they are only looking for long-term staff so too bad, we shall continue to slack the holidays away! hahaha and we still did not manage to find that cutest guy on the planet according to lyana/huda/sam, neither did I take a good look at the handsome toy shop guy. but later I did show dawn the picture of brent porno chua and he looks as weird as ever. :D haha at least this time round he is not naked. thank god. :D okay, inside joke. :DD

alright, shall go eat my ice creammmm now! hoorayyy!

signing off, viting
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