Sunday, March 8, 2009

eww gross! the whole tub of melted ice cream toppled in my bag just now! the bag is dumped in a bucket of soapy water now, trying to see if I can rescue it. :D hahaha dramatic I know, I was cycling home from the supermarket and then my bag FLEW OUT of my bicycle basket IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and somehow I dun know how on earth THE CAP OF THE ICE CREAM CAME OFF and some ice cream got into my bag. okay, not the whole tub, I was exaggerating. :D

and guess what! I am heading down to fish and co later. they asked me to go help out tonight because they are short of staff. haha so I shall go and lame around, hopefully I still remember how things work. ages since I have last gone back, hopefully not awkward or strange! :DD

am going to miss wu ling da dao and se diao ying xiong zhuan tonight! ) :

signing off, viting
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