Wednesday, April 1, 2009

hahaha honestly, my sister and I can be so lame sometimes. we just spent an hour playing the stick-the-chewed-bubble gum-on-the-wall game. she wanted to sleep at first but I kept disturbing her because I was bored. was waiting for my show to load. a new show, "my lucky star" and hannah says it's nice. anyway I pity my sister, having such an annoying sister like me. yay im so cool. (:(:(:

I found the gum I brought back from genting before I left for work this morning. have been chewing it since, one whole day! my skills of talking with the gum in my mouth is improving. when I have to talk to any customers today, I would push the gum to the roof of my mouth and stick it there while I talk. afterwards, just slide it off with my tongue. very fun lol.

so I kept that piece of gum all through lunch, work and dinner. and dinner was curry, so you can just imagine how gross it must have been.

until just now, sister and I threw our own gum and see who can accurately make theirs shoot pass the gap between our desks and stick on the wall next to her timetable. I was a natural! :D sister said I should consider that as my career in future, opening this store that allows guests to chew gum and then stick it everywhere. :D

ohh and I tricked my work friends today. april fool's day for all the silly fools in the world. :D my brother got tricked by me so many times that he got rather pissed off. haha sore loser, all because I was too smart to fall for any of his lame jokes.

happy, my lucky star episode one is finally fully loaded. off to watch!


signing off, viting
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