Sunday, March 15, 2009

Marley and Me turned out to be a nice movie, rather touching and very heartwarming. haha rachel cried like nobody's business and used up two packets of my tissues. then afterwards weijie and I had a good laugh at her swollen eyes. haha goldfish! and yay I brought them to eat the super yummy korean food which shufen and yeeyen introduced to me. I think I really am coping better with spicy food, and starting to enjoy them too! am still prejudiced against chilli sauce though. anyway we were happily chatting when I realized it is saturday and I have to watch my channel U. haha so we ended up going home earlier instead of having an earthquake. never mind, you guys should thank me, can save money! :D

and my laptop is failing me. it keeps blanking out for no reason and is super annoying plus worrying.

and and, I am going to a wedding dinner tomorrow! my mother's friend's daughter, and our whole family is invited. the bride is only 19 by the way, shotgun marriage. yup so im excited to see how she looks like, and whether the guy is even cute. shall update you guys!

off to bed! :DD

signing off, viting
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