Monday, March 30, 2009

my brother is such a irritating bootlicker, he sticks around my mum all day flattering her. gosh cannot stand it, annoying the hell out of me. seriously, he practically worships the ground she walks on. honestly it does not bother me the least, as long as he shuts the door when he starts gushing about how she is the most wonderful person on earth.

normally it is just trivial stuff so I shut one eye. but it is evidently getting worse. and nowadays he starts to drag innocent me into issues and ask for me to contribute my two cents. well then dun blame me for being honest and maybe slightly tactless.

my mum also, openly enjoying all the compliments. not so much as an effort to stop my brother. even got mad at me for attempting to wake her up from her cheap thrills. I can totally imagine him ten years down the road, doing the same thing to his employers. rawr.

yah whatever, ignore my good efforts. flatter your way through life. like I care.

okay viting, forget it! suan le! oubliez-le! それを忘れなさい!
HAHAHAHAHA lame I just typed forget it in four languages. and no I dun take french, neither do I learn japanese. for your information there is such a thing is an online language translator. thank you very much. lovely creation I must say. haha because the last time I translated something from english to french on my blog, somebody commented, "cool, you take french as a third language"

well, I dun, but dawn does! :D and it sounds quite interesting, maybe I should try taking next time for the fun of it.

and yayness! I am finally done watching wo de yi wan mian bao. it only has twelve episodes, very short and actually not that nice. haha but I dun like starting a show and not completing it so yup.

lesson learnt from the show is that money is not everything, and definitely not more important than a compassionate heart.


:DD yah im sure. guess this is why dramas will always be dramas, different from reality. also why I like watching them, can indulge in a world with less flaws and more miracles.

speaking of miracles, I want to experience a miracle! sounds very exciting. haha but how do I go about experiencing one? hmm.

I know all the helpful souls out there will start suggesting I jump into pacific ocean without so much as a life vest and hope there is a miracle and survive. or murder someone on the streets of orchard road and not get caught. tadaaa! miracle! then all the while silently gloating and swelling with proud over their simply fantastic sense of humor.

haha thus I shall prepare early. to every such suggestion, why not you guys try it first? if you survive, I'll do it. :D

eh but I still wish to experience a real miracle. at least once in my life. :DD

also, last night I watched the wig. rachel claims that it is not a scary ghost movie at all but it still kinda freaked me out. afterall, I watched it alone! when my whole family was sleeping! and outside was storming with occasional lightning! okay I am getting carried away, the weather was fine. but still, I watched it alone at night. and I hate that bedroom scene where the girl rolled around the room screaming in pain. and the one with her head in the sink and her eyes rolled towards her forehead. gruesome eww! total vomit material! but it was a depressing movie at the same time, about people suffering from cancer. it scares me more than the ghost part.

alright, I shall stop soon and continue my nancy drew series. haha seriously addictive so I went to borrow more, including a three-in-one classic collection. and it is useful too, distracts me from online shopping. :D


stupid bank account.

signing off, viting
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