Thursday, March 19, 2009

spent a splendid day out with hannah today. :D we went town and caught a movie before shopping. watched PUSH and it turned out pretty average I guess, not bad. after the movie we just walked around and saw many pretty stuff. I have like this love-hate relationship with pretty things because it is frustrating when my heart gravitate towards them but the rational side of me knows that my bank account is well, depleted. but nevermind, hannah bought quite a few pretty stuff so at least I can by surrounded by nice things. almost makes up for not owning them myself. :DD

yay and dinner was yummy. seriously falling in love with tom yam hahaha, never used to like them because did not feel game enough for spicy food. but tom yam is extremely addictive. :D

not going wild wild wet this saturday anymore, have been postponed. because apparently this saturday is some corporate family day thing and the place is closed. shall go another time then! saturday can pack my luggage for genting.

now I shall go help my sister design her project powerpoint slides because she has another two essays to complete by tomorrow. :D why am I such a nice sister? :DD


signing off, viting
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