Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the weather these few days have been quite bad. cloudy and sudden bursts of rain, sometimes scary thunderstorms too. my brother has been screaming a lot at home these few days, whenever there is lightning, he screams. whenever there is thunder, he screams. he is afraid of them, wahaha so much for being a fearless boy.

but the bad weather prevented me from going to sentosa today with the rest, sorry! hardly much fun hiding under umbrellas on the beach and trying not to let the wet sand stick on me, is it? yup but today was still nice, I went shopping with Jenny and Yvonne. spent a bomb on food and shopping. looks like my saving plan is down the drain, even before it started. but nevermind, I am happy. :D

oh and I just received an email from modparade. I bought a dress from the site just now, left a comment within 15 minutes of their launch but still did not manage to secure a piece. wow scary, I conclude that this must be fate! even fate is helping me to save money. haha but too bad, I really kinda like it.

anyway! haha yesterday I spent the entire afternoon in the library alternating between reading and playing geo challenge on my laptop. but im still bad a geo challenge, very bad at identifying countries on the map. then later mum came and joined me and we went to the supermarket and bought tons of food. yay! we bought one huge trolley! and it was too much for us to carry so I had this brilliant idea to push the whole trolley home and then push it back again later.

mum: what? cannot lah, so embarrassing!
me: oh but no choice what!
mum: huh, but later must push back some more, I no strength.
me: okay then, I push back.
mum: really? okay!

see! she obviously just wants me to push it back to the supermarket! which I did in the end. :D and since yesterday I have polished off a bag of jumbo chips, half a tub of ice cream, a bar of chocolate, chocolate and caramel pudding and half a packet of honey stars. what the hell, eating in front of the television is bad cos you cannot keep track of how much you eat. so yup! must be healthy! eat less junk food. :DD

okay my arms and neck hurt, cos I typed the whole thing propped up on my elbows. so I shall stop. going swimming at shufen's house tomorrow. :D hope i can wake up. :D

signing off, viting
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